DISCUSS: What’s the worst Mac dialog/alert box?

When it come to dialog boxes asking for information, or alerts that tell you something but brook no discussion, there are many candidates for the best… that is, the worst, one around.

What’s your candidate?


4 Responses to DISCUSS: What’s the worst Mac dialog/alert box?

  1. Jane Susswein says:

    What a fabulous site. I won’t have to call my help desk when I get in trouble!!

  2. Andy Baird says:

    I can tell you what the stupidest dialog *used* to be: when you used the get info “Open with” command to tell Mac OS X to use a given program to open all files, you got an alert that said something like “Are you sure you want to open all your Preview files with Preview?” Well, duh!

    But with the latest OS versions, that has been changed to read “Are you sure you want to open all similar documents with the application Preview?”, which actually makes sense. So now I don’t know what the current stupidest Mac OS X dialog is.

    By the way, there are many contenders for the stupidest PC dialog, but my favorite is one from the DOS days: “ERROR: KEYBOARD NOT CONNECTED. STRIKE ANY KEY TO CONTINUE.”

  3. justme says:

    The “Unexpectedly Quit” dialog: Word has just quit unexpectedly. InDesign has just quit unexpectedly. No kidding – it up and disappeared, and I was *expecting* it? (Oh, well, maybe I was, since it does it so often…”
    Looking forward to “The Governor of Illinois has just quit unexpectedly”

  4. mactipster says:

    My favorite – if you can call something you hate a favorite – is what you get when you’re force-quitting an application because of a hang. It says “Do you want to force [whatever] to quit?”
    No, I don’t. I want it to keep running. I don’t want it to quit at all, I want to keep working – and, oh, I haven’t saved that document in an hour, and I don’t want to lose it – but you’ve painted me into a corner, the application froze, I can’t do anything with it, and now you’re being polite? Where’s the button that says “No, just let me continue to work”?

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