COMMENTARY: No Steve? No APPLE at Macworld?

No Steve this January. No Apple next January. Come on! Many thoughts come to mind, such as… well, iPhones and iPods are running the company, so is the Mac going to be a retroactive bastard child, unloved and forgotten in the near future, and, yes, I hope Steve Jobs’s health is okay. But for further thoughts, check my friend/colleague Tonya Engst’s couldn’t-have-said-it-better-myself commentary at the TidBITs site.


2 Responses to COMMENTARY: No Steve? No APPLE at Macworld?

  1. Andy Baird says:

    Tonya’s tongue-in-cheek “letter from mom” is a great piece of writing and makes a good point: Macworld Expo isn’t just about Apple; it’s about the whole Mac family of owners and merchants. On the other hand, I can understand why Apple wants to get away from the tyranny of being expected to have a brace of exciting products to announce on a particular date each year. Also, I suspect that the January Expo was hurting holiday-season sales, because many people wait to see what’ll be announced in January.

    Emotionally, I’m sorry to see Apple backing away from Macworld Expo, but I understand their business reasons for doing so. The real question is whether the rest of the Mac/iPod/iPhone vendors will throw up their hands and drop out too, as Adobe has done. I think that’d be a real shame… but it appears likely that this upcoming Expo will be the last.

  2. Giddens says:

    great post! thanks…

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