TIP: Change the Duplicate Shortcut

You’re looking at a Finder window and want to view the Desktop level (because your Desktop’s a mess and it’s easier to view a list in the window than those icons scattered all over). Out of long-ingrained habit, you press Command-D to look at the Desktop-and find you’ve triggered the Duplicate command, coping whatever was selected in your window (your entire hard drive?).

Change the Duplicate shortcut from Command-D to something you won’t hit by accident:

1.     Open System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse and click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

2.     Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Application Keyboard Shortcut.

3.     Click the Add button beneath the list.

In the dialog that slides out:

4.     From Application, choose Finder.

5.     In Menu Title, type Duplicate. (Never mind that it’s not the menu title!)

6.     Click in the Keyboard Shortcut field and press Control-D.

7.     Click Add.


Use the command name, not the menu title, and assign Control-D.

Use the command name, not the menu title, and assign Control-D.


The File menu reflects the shortcut change.

The File menu reflects the shortcut change.

This is excerpted from my ebook 33 Things to Customize in Leopard Right Now.


2 Responses to TIP: Change the Duplicate Shortcut

  1. Andy Baird says:

    Any idea how to *delete* a Finder shortcut? I don’t ever want to duplicate or add to Sidebar/Favorites via a keyboard action. But the closest I can come to getting rid of those pesky shortcuts is to assign a really obscure key combo like Shift-Control-Option-Command-T–one that I’d never hit by accident, because I’d sprain my wrist if I tried. 😉

  2. mactipster says:

    Sure – as I read your first 2 sentences, I was thinking “well, there’s the assign-an-obscure-combo approach” but of course you tried that.
    No, no user way to do that. I’d use QuicKeys to assign the existing shortcuts to something “redundant” like “Go to Finder” if I wanted to wipe them out. But, as you probably know, I’m a keyboard junkie, so I may add or alter shortcuts, but I hardly ever want to just get rid of any.

    I will, however, look around re this because there must be enough people who want this that someone’s made a utility to meet the need…

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