TIP: Prevent Spotlight from searching the Trash

The whole point of the Trash is getting rid of things you don’t want anymore, and even if you empty it only every few months, it’s unlikely you want a Spotlight search to include its contents. But excluding the Trash from Spotlight indexing is not an obvious procedure, because it’s an invisible folder in the Finder-which would seem to make it pretty hard to drag it to the Spotlight preference pane’s Privacy (exclusion) list. However, it’s not difficult at all:

1.     Open the Spotlight preference pane to the Privacy tab.

2.     In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.

3.     Type: ~/.Trash in the text field.

That first character is the tilde, the shifted character on the upper-left key on your keyboard. Don’t forget the period, and use a capital T on Trash. (In fact, copy the phrase from here and paste it into your Go to Folder dialog!)

4.     Click the Go button.

The window that opens is the Trash’s folder window, a normally invisible, you-can’t-get-at-it window.

5.     Grab the proxy icon (the folder in front of the window’s name) from the title bar of the window and drag it into the Privacy list.

[Excerpted from the upcoming ebook Minifesto: Spotlight, from 33ThingsBooks.com.]


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