TIP: Retrieve a disappeared Spotlight menu

Okay, first: I know “disappeared” is not an adjective – but it conveyed my meaning, didn’t it? Next: I use the Spotlight menu more than the average bear. And, almost weekly it will up and disappear from my menu bar. I don’t know why it leaves, but here’s how to get it back:

1. In the Finder, select your main drive in a window’s sidebar, and follow the folder path: [your drive]/System/Library/CoreServices.

2. In the CoreServices folder, select the Spotlight icon and open it (Command-O).

That’s all. I haven’t found any benefit in restarting (nor does a simple restart seem to restore the Spotlight menu on its own); I am, however, impelled to advise you to restart anyway on general principles.


2 Responses to TIP: Retrieve a disappeared Spotlight menu

  1. Jake says:

    Thank you. It was nearly impossible finding the solution to this problem until I found you. Again, thank you.

  2. mactipster says:

    You’re welcome. Unfortunately, I’m finding I have to use this tip about once a week when I’ve been giving the Spotlight menu a real workout (I’m working on a Spotlight ebook, sporadically, between other projects). It seems to just get tired from overuse! (And this has been the case thru several revs of 10.5!

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