TIP: New Finder Commands #1: Services

[One of a series regarding Snow Leopard’s new Finder menu commands.]

This isn’t a new item—but there’s an entirely new approach to the existing command, so I wanted to bring it to your attention. The Service menu has been relatively useless, and difficult to understand: Where do all those things come from? Why are most of them dim most of the time? And, most importantly: Why can’t I get rid of them?

Services are pieces of programs that can be shared with other programs; they install themselves in the Services menu and, theoretically, become available wherever they have a context in which they can work. Theoretically. We can hope that Snow Leopard handles things more gracefully (or lets programmers handle them better), but in the meantime you can turn off the ones you don’t use.

Part of the Snow Leopard re-org of System Preferences includes a separate Keyboard preference pane, with a totally redesigned Keyboard Shortcuts tab. In that tab, you’ll find a list of topics at the left; click on Services and you can view what’s in the menu. Uncheck anything you want banished.


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