Tip: New Finder Commands #5: Hide/Show Sidebar

[One of a series regarding Snow Leopard’s new Finder menu commands.]

In Leopard, hiding a Finder window toolbar with either View > Hide Toolbar or by clicking the Toolbar button meant the window’s sidebar also disappeared—and hiding the toolbar was the only way to hide the sidebar. Although hiding the toolbar still means the sidebar goes away, too, the opposite isn’t true: you can now hide the sidebar independently, leaving the toolbar available for quick-click commands on its buttons.

Use the View menu’s Hide Sidebar command (which, of course, toggles to Show Sidebar when needed) to close only the sidebar.

If you hide or show the sidebar and/or toolbar, instead of an instant change to the way the window looks, now the main area of the window slides to either cover or reveal the other components. I’d like to hear a sound effect of sliding metal-on-metal during the animation, ending with a solid ka-chunk, like a closing vault door, when everything’s in place. But only once.


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