TIP: New Finder Commands #6: Go to Desktop

[One of a series regarding Snow Leopard’s new Finder menu commands.]

Snow Leopard has fixed what seemed to some of us a glaring omission in its Go menu—a way to open a window for the Documents folder. Why glaring? Because it’s a folder that gets heavy use—you’re supposed to put all your docs in it, for heaven’s sake!—and because all the other items you can turn on for the sidebar in Finder Preferences have keyboard commands assigned to them.

Of course, Command-Shift-D is already taken by the Go to Desktop option, so, according to a venerable convention of Mac keyboard-command assignments, the second letter of Documents is used for this: Command-Shift-O.


One Response to TIP: New Finder Commands #6: Go to Desktop

  1. Josh says:

    Before upgrading to Snow Leopard, I used to use Command-Shift-O to open the currently-selected folder in a new window. After upgrading, I quickly found out this shortcut changed to opening the Documents folder. If you’d like to map it back to Open in New Window, go into System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts, click the + button, choose Finder from the Application dropdown, type “Open in New Window” in the Menu Title field, click in the Keyboard Shortcut field, and hit Command-Option-O.

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