TIP: Extract Embedded Fonts from iDVD

Apple’s iDVD program (part of iLife) comes with embedded fonts that are available only to iDVD, an inexplicably parsimonious approach by Apple. Some of them overlap the short list that comes with iLife, which are installed in your User Fonts folder. Most overlap with those that come with iWork. But maybe you don’t have iWork, and maybe you’d like the few that are exclusive to iDVD. You can un-embed them and put them in a Fonts folder.

The trick you need is actually a piece of knowledge: that applications aren’t really one-piece files: they’re “packages,” special folder-like animals, that hold all sorts of things, including, sometimes, a Fonts folder. Control-click on an application (in this case, iDVD), for a contextual menu and choose Show Package Contents. A window opens, showing a Contents folder. Open that and find the Resources folder; inside that folder, find the Fonts folder, and voilá! The fonts!

Or, make it easy on yourself: Copy the following line, use the Finder’s Go > Go to Folder command, paste this into the dialog, and click Go:


DON’T REMOVE THE FONTS! Copy them to put them someplace else. If you’re using Font Book, simply double-click on the fonts you’d like to add to your general font collection, because Font Book always leaves the original in place and installs a copy of the font into whatever folder you’ve set as the target location in Font Book’s preferences.

Here are the fonts you’ll find in iDVD. The ones marked with a single asterisk aren’t in the general iLife collection (most of them!); double asterisks signify fonts that are in neither the iLife nor the iWork collections:

*Academy Engraved LET Fonts

**Algerian Condensed LET Fonts

*Bank Gothic

BlairMdITC TT-Medium

*Bodoni SvtyTwo SC ITC TT

*Bradley Hand ITC TT-Bold



Handwriting – Dakota

**Humana Serif ITC TT

*Machine ITC TT


PortagoITC TT

*Santa Fe LET Fonts

*Savoye LET Fonts

*Snell Roundhand

*Stone Sans ITC TT


**Wanted LET Fonts


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