Finally, a use for the Help menu’s search field!

I find the search field in the Mac’s Help menu generally useless: it searches only the menu commands in the current application for a match—and a best-guess as to which menu the desired command might be in, followed by a quick scan of the commands in it, is an easy way to find a command whose location has slipped your mind. (Although I suppose you could get lost in InDesign menus…). But the feature seems made for Safari.

Using the Help menu’s search field makes sense in Safari, since it scans the unwieldy History menu and its submenus from previous days, as well as your Bookmarks menu and submenus, and then lists the pages that match your search – obviating a trip to the Bookmarks window for a standard search. (Like other Safari 5 searches, it looks through URLs, page names, and page contents.) Point to something in the Menu Items list beneath the Search field, and the Help system opens menus and points to the listed item. Hit Return to open the highlighted page (or, of course, click on anything you can see).

Enter something in the Help menu’s search field and point to any of the hits that show up.

As you point to the item in the Help menu’s Menu Items list, the Help system shows you where it is, opening the History menu, and then an appropriate submenu, and uses that silly blue arrow to point to the item. And, in case you miss the silly blue arrow, it does a little circular massage motion there at the end of the menu.

You couldn’t miss the Help system’s HERE IT IS!! arrow if you tried.


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