About me…

It’s so much easier to write about the Mac than to write about me; I’m sure it’s a deep psychological problem.

So, here’s some Mac stuff that I write about:

  • I have two still-quite-small ebook lines, 33 Things and Minifestos, that you can read about–and download some free samples from–here. The newest items are: Minifestos: Time Machine, the version 1.6 edition that’s been tweaked and checked for any Snow Leopard changes; and, 33 Things to Customize in Snow Leopard.
  • My most recent Take Control-series book from the wonderful TidBITs people is Take Control of Safari 4 (for both Leopard and Snow Leopard users). I’m currently updating  Take Control of Fonts in Leopard and Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard for Snow Leopard.
  • On my 33 Things Books site, you’ll find something special for user groups: monthly excerpts from Take Control: The Mac OS X Lexicon, which I wrote with my friend Andy Baird. The excerpts are free for reprinting in user groups’ newsletters. You can go right to this “XLex” info with this link.

And, after a long hiatus from the magazine world, I’m writing for Macworld again. I started writing for them in the first year of their existence. (Yes, I’m that old.)


    One Response to About me…

    1. mactipster says:

      Hey, Mike, sorry for reply delay – I’m usually here much more often; I’ve been buried in book projects, and my orphan child blog was neglected.

      I received a note from someone else about the problem, too – can’t figure out how/why it happened, as it’s perfectly openable on many other machines (I tested, friends tested!) for both Preview and Reader. However, I re-compiled the PDF from InDesigned and put that up, and the other person said the new copy worked fine.

      So, please try again and let me know if it still doesn’t work for you.

      Cheers back atcha.


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