TIP: Make Excel in-cell graphs look like bars (2004/2008)


The “bar” graphs in the tip In-cell bar graphs for Excel aren’t very bar-ish, seeing as how they are a series of bullets. Even using the | character (Shift-\) doesn’t work, since the lines won’t touch each other. But some fonts have a “block” character that works perfectly to create bars: all you have to know is how to insert it into an Excel formula with the Character Palette. Read the rest of this entry »


TIP: In-cell bar graphs for Excel (2004/2008)


Having been forced (my monetary considerations – those people need training, too!) to work with the Windows version of Excel recently, I find myself jealous of the built-in cell-graphing capabilities in Excel 2007 for Windows versus lack of same in Excel 2008 for Mac. But here’s an old trick for any version of Excel to get in-cell graphs, which I offer as the first step in a more complicated, more sophisticated approach. Read the rest of this entry »