TIP: Open Multiple Items from a Docked Folder’s Grid


You click on a folder in the Dock—your Downloads folder, say—and there are two items you want to open. You click on one to open it, and the folder’s grid closes, so you have reopen it in order to click on the other. Or… do you?

Hold down the Option key while clicking an item in a docked folder’s grid and the grid stays open so you can click on another item.


TIP: Make a Finder Toolbar Item “Permanent”


When you narrow a Finder window so much that it can’t display everything on the toolbar, the rightmost items get dumped into a menu that dangles off the right edge of the toolbar. If you’d rather keep the items at the right (the Search field, for instance) on the toolbar and let other things be dispatched into the menu, set them to remain visible in a shrinking window (this is a new feature in Snow Leopard). Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Cycle through Finder-window toolbar display options


The Finder’s Customize Toolbar dialog sheet (that’s what it’s called when it slides out of the title bar!) – open it with View > Customize Toolbar – provides two adjustments for how your toolbar icons look. Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Spacebar Scrolling


In Safari and Preview, you can scroll the window simply by pressing the spacebar; Shift-spacebar scrolls in the opposite direction.

TIP: Change the Duplicate Shortcut


You’re looking at a Finder window and want to view the Desktop level (because your Desktop’s a mess and it’s easier to view a list in the window than those icons scattered all over). Out of long-ingrained habit, you press Command-D to look at the Desktop-and find you’ve triggered the Duplicate command, coping whatever was selected in your window (your entire hard drive?). Read the rest of this entry »

DISCUSS: What’s the worst Mac dialog/alert box?


When it come to dialog boxes asking for information, or alerts that tell you something but brook no discussion, there are many candidates for the best… that is, the worst, one around.

What’s your candidate?

TIP: Put the date in the menu bar


Since the dawn of OS X, I’ve been annoyed that, while the time still shows in the menu bar, the date does not. I suppose there’s some utility out there that takes care of that, but I’m all about the built-in OS capabilities, especially when it come to writing about techniques for others to use. Read the rest of this entry »