A dozen things wrong with Word 2011’s Find/Replace function


I’m searching for something nice to say about Word 2011’s Find/Replace approach, but I’m too overwhelmed by what’s wrong with it to highlight the one thing I do like. It takes umpteen keystrokes to just get to the old Find and Replace dialog (and do I mean old!) which is not only where I need to do most of my search operations, but the only place you can do certain searches. But even way before that, the “simplified” approach is unfriendly, inconsistent, and buggy across its three – yes, three – different locations for dealing with searches. Join me for the tour (de farce). Read the rest of this entry »


The new font in Office 2011 (and what’s wrong)


I won’t keep you in suspense: there’s nothing wrong with the font. It’s just that Word can’t handle it. Okay, now a little suspense in regard to the problem…

The font is one that comes with Windows 7, Gabriola.ttf. It’s a script font that starts out pretty – and usable at smaller sizes for short blocks of text – and waxes into elegant beauty when you use some of its more advanced features, the glyph variants that give you all sorts of choices for fancy, swashy characters suitable for larger type sizes. Read the rest of this entry »