Finally, a use for the Help menu’s search field!


I find the search field in the Mac’s Help menu generally useless: it searches only the menu commands in the current application for a match—and a best-guess as to which menu the desired command might be in, followed by a quick scan of the commands in it, is an easy way to find a command whose location has slipped your mind. (Although I suppose you could get lost in InDesign menus…). But the feature seems made for Safari.

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TIP: Open multiple Safari bookmarks with a single click (auto-click folders)


When you create a folder for bookmarks in the Bookmarks window (Command-Option-B to open it), and put that folder on the bookmarks bar (by dragging it into the Bookmarks Bar collection), you get drop-down menu on the bookmarks bar listing those bookmarks. Change it to an “auto-click” folder, and instead you get a button that, when clicked, opens every bookmark in the folder, each in its own tab in the current window.

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TIP: Spacebar Scrolling


In Safari and Preview, you can scroll the window simply by pressing the spacebar; Shift-spacebar scrolls in the opposite direction.

TIP: Force-Add a Site to Top Sites in Safari 4


Safari 4’s choice for Top Sites may miss ones that you’d like included (maybe one you haven’t been to in awhile got bumped out of the lineup because you hadn’t pinned it). You don’t have to wait for it to show up on its own:

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