Me, Mac/iPad, and Medicine


This is what being a Mac professional means in your personal life:

Two weeks ago, as part of my ongoing medical adventures, I was waiting in my very own private walled-not-curtained pre-op cubicle for what, given my history, was a minor procedure. The doctor (one of my two very favorites) walks briskly down the hallway, spies me through the open door, and stops in:

“Sharon! Sorry to keep you waiting, I’m running behind. I have someone in the O.R. for a very short procedure—15 minutes—and you’re next. But, I’ve gotta tell you—I have NO free time at home anymore since I got my iPad! I just can’t put it down!

“Also, I have to ask you: I’m having trouble syncing my Blackberry to my Mac [he had just switched from a PC]. Maybe you can tell me what I should be using.”

And he was swiftly off to his other patient. The nurse in my little room, busy setting up an IV, looked a little taken aback during this exchange, although I couldn’t quite identify the look on her face. And then she said:

“I’m having trouble syncing my iPhone to my PC…”

That’s what it’s like being a Mac pro.

Wouldn’t trade it for any other job.

Except maybe Queen.


TIP: Change the Duplicate Shortcut


You’re looking at a Finder window and want to view the Desktop level (because your Desktop’s a mess and it’s easier to view a list in the window than those icons scattered all over). Out of long-ingrained habit, you press Command-D to look at the Desktop-and find you’ve triggered the Duplicate command, coping whatever was selected in your window (your entire hard drive?). Read the rest of this entry »

How to contribute a tip (or start a thread)…


Don’t you hate it when work and life in general gets in the way of fun? With my Take Control of Fonts in Snow Leopard book out, and Take Control of Safari 5 waiting for its spot in the editorial/production queue, and my spate Macworld articles done in timely manners, and medical adventures under control for the time being… it’s back to the fun of my two blogs, this and iPadPunditry, starting with an entry in both blogs about what it’s like to combine Me, Mac/iPad, and Medicine.

– – –

Blogs, of course, are set up to let the author be the main voice and others do the commenting. If you want to contribute a tip, or comment on something Mac-ish that’s not in reply to something already said, do it as a comment on this post. I’ll convert it to its own post (with whatever name you use for it) so it can be a standalone item.

~Sharon Zardetto