TIP: Close All Font Preview Windows without Quitting Font Book


When you have lots of Font Book Preview windows open for various fonts, either for a pre-install inspection or to compare various faces, it would be nice if you could use Font Book’s Close All command (by holding down Option as you open the File menu for the Close command) to close them. But Close All also closes Font Book’s main window, which, because Font Book is a one-window application, quits the program, too.

So, minimize Font Book’s main window (bring it to the front first, if necessary, with Window > Font Book). Once it’s safely in the Dock, Close All closes all the Preview windows without quitting Font Book, and then you can retrieve its main window from the Dock or with Window > Font Book.


TIP: Option-click in the Finder sidebar


Option-clicking on a folder in the sidebar shouldn’t, theoretically, do anything useful: an Option-double-click inside a Finder window closes the window as the new item (another folder, or an application) opens. A plain click on a folder in the sidebar displays it in the current window, so why would you want to close it? Glad you asked!

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TIP: Instant attachments for Apple Mail


You can drag a file icon into Mail’s icon in the Dock, and Mail opens a new message window with the file already included as an attachment. Depending on how your windows Read the rest of this entry »

RANDOMbit: Why is it called Bluetooth?


Ever wonder if “Bluetooth” has any intrinsic meaning? From Take Control: The Mac Lexicon, by Andy Baird and Sharon Zardetto: Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Kill the Caps Lock key


I don’t have this particular problem, but many people complain that on a laptop keyboard, it’s just too easy to accidentally hit the Caps Lock key instead of Tab or even Shift Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Make Get Info changes on multiple files


If you have multiple files that need the same thing changed in their Get Info windows—privileges, color label, the Open With setting—you can do them all at the same time, in a single window. Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Alter the sidebar in Open/Save dialogs


You can customize the sidebar in an Open/Save Dialog the same way you can in a Finder window: reorder the position of items, drag them off into puff-of-smoke oblivion, and even drag a folder from the dialog’s list into the sidebar.