TIP: Close All Font Preview Windows without Quitting Font Book


When you have lots of Font Book Preview windows open for various fonts, either for a pre-install inspection or to compare various faces, it would be nice if you could use Font Book’s Close All command (by holding down Option as you open the File menu for the Close command) to close them. But Close All also closes Font Book’s main window, which, because Font Book is a one-window application, quits the program, too.

So, minimize Font Book’s main window (bring it to the front first, if necessary, with Window > Font Book). Once it’s safely in the Dock, Close All closes all the Preview windows without quitting Font Book, and then you can retrieve its main window from the Dock or with Window > Font Book.


TIP: In-cell bar graphs for Excel (2004/2008)


Having been forced (my monetary considerations – those people need training, too!) to work with the Windows version of Excel recently, I find myself jealous of the built-in cell-graphing capabilities in Excel 2007 for Windows versus lack of same in Excel 2008 for Mac. But here’s an old trick for any version of Excel to get in-cell graphs, which I offer as the first step in a more complicated, more sophisticated approach. Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Retrieve a disappeared Spotlight menu


Okay, first: I know “disappeared” is not an adjective – but it conveyed my meaning, didn’t it? Next: I use the Spotlight menu more than the average bear. And, almost weekly it will up and disappear from my menu bar. I don’t know why it leaves, but here’s how to get it back:

Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Cycle through Finder-window toolbar display options


The Finder’s Customize Toolbar dialog sheet (that’s what it’s called when it slides out of the title bar!) – open it with View > Customize Toolbar – provides two adjustments for how your toolbar icons look. Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Get Mac’s Serial Number


Check your Mac’s serial number without turning the laptop upside down or contorting yourself to see behind an iMac screen or… well, you get the idea (also, no squinting at tiny numbers). Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Prevent Spotlight from searching the Trash


The whole point of the Trash is getting rid of things you don’t want anymore, and even if you empty it only every few months, it’s unlikely you want a Spotlight search to include its contents. But excluding the Trash from Spotlight indexing is not an obvious procedure, because it’s an invisible folder in the Finder-which would seem to make it pretty hard to drag it to the Spotlight preference pane’s Privacy (exclusion) list. However, it’s not difficult at all: Read the rest of this entry »

TIP: Change the Duplicate Shortcut


You’re looking at a Finder window and want to view the Desktop level (because your Desktop’s a mess and it’s easier to view a list in the window than those icons scattered all over). Out of long-ingrained habit, you press Command-D to look at the Desktop-and find you’ve triggered the Duplicate command, coping whatever was selected in your window (your entire hard drive?). Read the rest of this entry »