Finder smart folders and Word documents


“Smart folders” are an under-utilized feature of Mac OS X. You define search criteria and make a smart folder that forever (sort of) after will display all the items that match those criteria (the items aren’t moved into the folder—the “folder” is just a list. But the apparent lack of enthusiasm for smart folders may just be from a lack of understanding the more powerful and flexible features of Spotlight: if you don’t construct complicated search criteria, there’s no need to store them. My recent tips article in Macworld (so recent that I won’t have a URL for it for a day or two – but I have to post this so I’ll have a URL to put in the article!) shows a search construct for recent Word documents, something that must take into account that a general search for Word documents by file type also grabs Word templates and (for Word 2011) settings files, as well as auto-recovery and “work” files. That’s four types of files that you don’t want in your search, two of which need to be excluded by their “Kind” and the other two by their names. Even if you don’t use Word, or need to find Word documents, take a look at all the components of this search setup because it’s infused with all sorts of valuable Finder search techniques. Read the rest of this entry »